Courses – 3rd and 4th Year

RGLA courses

Majors and Minors are both required to take ONE the following RGLA courses:

RGLA 371/001 (3) Seminar in Religion and Literature 3 Credits
RGLA 372/001
(3) Topics in Religion, Literature, and the Arts – TPC RELG LIT ART

Research Intensive Option: Students have the option of taking RGLA 471 (Advanced Seminar in Religion and Literature/ Research Intensive) as their “R” class; other “R” designated classes with relevant content can be accepted in lieu of this class.

Important Information about the Research Intensive Option in 2020W.

Religious Studies Courses

MAJORS choose 12 credits and MINORS choose 9 credits of classes with Religious Studies content numbered 300 and above, either from RELG, RGLA, relevant classes in ASIA, or from other Departments, with the approval of the Chair(s). Examples include ASIA 376 (3) The Sikhs: Formations, Contexts, and Historical Development or RELG 307 (3) Sex, Lies, and Violence in the Hebrew Bible.

Other courses

MAJORS choose 15 credits and MINORS choose 6 credits selected from the following list of courses, in consultation with one of the Advisors; the Chair(s) can approve classes not listed on an ad hoc basis. Please consult the Chair(s) re: particular courses, since this list cannot account for new and changed courses.